American Association of Feline Practioners (  This site contains information on cat diseases, cat behavior, cat tips and more.

American Heartworm Society (  Anything you want to know about heartworm disease in cats and dogs.

American Kennel Club (  This site includes information on all AKC breeds and their rescue clubs.  It also can help your family in selecting a breed that would be right for you.

Animal Emergency Clinic of Fredricksburg (  Is for after hour emergencies.

Companion Animal Parasite Control ( Information on all types of parasites infecting companion animals.

Fredricksburg Regional Emergency and Referral Center (  Is for after hour emergencies.

Guinea Lynx ( A guide to medical  and home care for your guinea pig.

House Rabbit Society ( Information on rabbit care and behavior

Nation Animal Poison Control (  Go to this site if you think your pet has been poisoned.

Spotsylvania Animal Shelter-Fredricksburg, VA. (  A site to look for animals to adopt.

Spotsylvania County-Animal Control

Veterinary Information Network (  This site has plethora of information on companion animals.

Virginia Veterinary Centers (