Spotsylvania Animal Hospital has been a blessing for us and our ‘animal babies.’ Our cats have always been patients at this wonderful facility. The doctors and the entire staff are not only knowledgeable but they are also very compassionate, caring, and kind. They have always been so thoughtful and helpful. I highly recommend them to friends and to anyone with needs of a veterinary hospital. I feel sure you will be happy you chose the excellence of care that is the norm for the doctors and staff at Spotsylvania Animal Hospital.

Cherry and Theron Bailey

I have been a client with Spotsylvania Animal Hospital since the 1980s. I am client #17! Through the years I have loved and had the privilege of caring for many animals. Currently, one of my favorites is ‘Camero’, a 20-year-old Manx cat with dementia. I have no children, so these creatures are my life. At Spotsylvania Animal Hospital I know my animals are receiving the most knowledgeable and complete care available and are being handled with genuine love and affection. Sadly, through the years, time has come when the life of a pet comes to an end, and to say goodbye is especially hard for me. When it was time to say goodbye to my beloved Australian Shepherd, Sydney, the veterinarians and staff at Spotsylvania treated me and my most precious girl with the utmost respect and showed concern as though they were caring for their own. I am truly grateful for the professional care and understanding Spotslyvania Animal Hospital has offered us through the years. It is my hope they will be here for many years to come.

Valerie Ackerman

Our pets are members of the family, and that’s how they are treated at Spotsylvania Animal Hospital. The doctors and staff provide excellent veterinary services and partner with us to make good decisions about the health care of our animals. As an added bonus, Spotsylvania Animal Hospital treats exotic animals, like our miniature goars, so all of our pets can go to one veterinary hospital-an exceptionally good one.


Brenda Vogel, 25-year client of Spotsylvania Animal Hospital